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Green Deal Given Multi Million Pound Boost for Advertising

PR Week News— January 2nd 2012

The Government has announced the launch of a huge PR drive as it sets to launch the Green Deal and become the greenest government ever.

Along with Green Deal Advisor training, PR is important to the success of the Green Deal. With this in mind, the DECC are issuing a £410,000 brief to support the launch of the Green Deal programme which will encourage all homeowners to improve their energy efficiency.

The successful agency will underpin the governments drive to convince a million home owners to invest in green deal technology by 2015.

The government have highlighted that consumer awareness is key to driving the green deal forward and so a ban on advertising of incentives has been bypassed for the Green Deal. With the launch of these campaigns imminent, it is now more important than ever to ensure that we have the framework in place to cope with the Green Deal. 

Green Deal Installers are key to the whole process and so Green Deal training courses have been launched to ensure that there are enough assessors out there to cope with this demand.

Initial comms activity will focus on publicising the January launch of the scheme with teh contract possibly running until march 2014.

A press officer for DECC working closely with the Green Deal Installer training said "This is a flagship scheme and though the government has created a framework for the Green Deal, it is ultimately market-driven. It is important for us to gain as much publicity as possible while also building trust in it.

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