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Educating homeowners important in success of Green Deal and sustainable housing in UK


Educating homeowners important in success of Green Deal and sustainable housing in UK

Green Deal Advisor Training Article — January 15th

A new study has reported that homes with state of the art energy technology are only really efficient if "windows and doors are not left open".

That means it is a real possibility for houses to not need much heating if occupants do not cause energy wastage, the report by The Low Impact Centre at Coventry University said. 

And a Green Deal Assessor will be able to make use of that advice and pass it onto consumers, as soon as the Green Deal is implemented in the UK.

It may seem obvious that if windows are left open for example, then heat will be lost, but up until this study occupant behaviour has not been analysed as a direct cause of energy loss. 

In fact, there was a 200% variation in energy consumption between the "naked house" which was uninhabited and the "in-use" house in this comparison of 26 test homes.

Temperatures in the empty house rose and fell with the changes in weather outside, whereas the "lived in" house was not so efficient.

The findings confirm the importance of educating tenants and homeowners on energy efficiency within their home. 

It demonstrates a real need for Occupancy Assessments as offered as part of the Government's plan. 

The Green Deal is the Department of Energy and Climate Change's (DECC) energy saving plan which aims to make homes and commercial properties more energy efficient through subsidised energy advice and 'pay-as-you-save' green loans for energy efficiency improvements.

Finance is only available following an Assessment by a certified Advisor.

The Occupancy Assessment is part of this Green Deal Assessment.  It looks at how a household uses the property, what temperature rooms are heated to and the number of hours they are heated. The reliability of fuel used and the number of occupants are some of the other factors assessed.

From this study it seems that these factors affect the energy efficiency of a home and are an important part of the Green Deal Training.

The effects of building tenure and behavioural change, and how to prepare for Occupancy Assessment are part of Green Deal Assessor Training.

Green Deal Advisor Training also includes education on Consumer Protection within the Green Deal, consumer requirements and an outline of Green Deal Finance. The process for giving Green Deal advice and the measures available are also outlined in the Green Deal Advisor Training.

No experience in surveying or energy consultancy is necessary to enroll onto a Green Deal Advisor Training course

Housing accounts for 40% of UK green house emissions and so tackling it is an important way of meeting EU carbon emission targets.

This is why one million pounds has been set aside by the government for Green Deal Training.



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