PAS2030 Green deal installer accreditation - why this is essential

PAS 2030 training: Become a Green Deal Installer

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PAS 2030 training: How to become a Green Deal Installer

One of the biggest opportunities to win work over the coming years...

Can your business afford to miss out? Get your Green Deal Installer training sorted today!

The Green Deal will present a massive opportunity for installers of all sizes; including installers of heating, ventilation, insulation, lighting, glazing and micro-generation/renewable products and systems (see full list at the bottom of this page).

However, unless your business can demonstrate that it meets the required PAS 2030 standards, you will miss out on new work opportunities and may also lose existing customers to competitors who can offer this new source of innovative financing.

PAS 2030 Green deal installer accreditation - why this is essential for your business

The Green Deal will create a massive demand for homeowners, tenants and businesses to upgrade their properties free of charge. This could be because a customer wants to reduce their energy spend and improve the look and feel of their home, or because they need the install (e.g. because their boiler has broken) and would like to use the Green Deal as a way to pay for it to avoid the need the large up front costs (e.g. to install a new energy efficient boiler).

No matter which route a customer takes, to get access to Green Deal work your business must be accredited under the Green Deal scheme and authorised to carry the Green Deal Quality Mark - which is there to ensure that installations are carried out to a high standard by trained and certified Green Deal Installers.

Central to this authorisation is the Green Deal Installer Standard - PAS2030. From as little as £395 +VAT*, we could guide your business through the processes and systems your are required to put into place to gain PAS 2030 Accreditation.

Depending on which measures you intend to install under the Green Deal, you will also be required to demonstrate that your business holds the relevant approved Competent Person Scheme and/or MCS Accreditation and sign u to and adhere to the Green Deal Code of Practice.

PAS2030 Training

What the PAS2030 Green Deal Installer Training & Consultancy Package Includes

Although the solution can be tailored to the individual business's needs, the standard route will involve 3 simple steps:

1. Access to software with the required systems and processes

2. An on site visit from a consultant to help you to implement the processes into your business.

3. On-going telephone and email support to fully prepare you for your final Certification Body visit

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How will an accredited installer get access to Green Deal Finance?

Green Qual has partnered with the Green Deal Central who is compiling a panel of accredited Green Deal Installers to broker work to from their nationwide team of Green Deal energy advisors (who will be providing the Green Deal Reports). They will also be able to provide access to Green Deal finance and help to fill any missing skills gaps to enable whole house retrofits. Only official accredited installers will actually be eligible to join this panel once launched.

Green Deal Advisor Training - undertake the energy assessment for your customers

Why not get your staff qualified to perform the Green Deal Advisor role too, so your business can undertake Green Deal Assessments for your own customers. Provide your own Green Deal Advice reports and get access to even more work from your customers. Learn more about our Green Deal Advisor courses.

What measures will qualify for the Green Deal Installer funding?

The following is a list of qualifying improvements which meet the Green Deal 'golden rule' and will be eligible for finance (correct as of 14th Jun 2012). If you are involved in the installation of any of these products/renewable energy technologies, then the Green Deal could be big business for you from Autumn 2012 and beyond.

  1. Air source heat pumps
  2. Biomass boilers
  3. Biomass room heaters (with radiators)
  4. Cavity Wall Insulation
  5. Chillers
  6. Cylinder thermostats
  7. Draught proofing
  8. Duct Insulation
  9. External wall insulation systems
  10. Flue gas heat recovery devices
  11. Gas-fired codensing boilers
  12. Ground source heat pumps
  13. Heating controls for wet central heating systems or warm air systems
  14. Heating ventilation and air-conditioning controls (including zoning controls)
  15. High performance external doors
  16. Hot water controls (including timers and temperature controls)
  17. Hot water cylinders insulation
  18. Hot water showers
  19. Hot water systems
  20. Hot water taps
  21. Internal wall insulation systems (for external walls)
  22. Lighting systems, fittings and controls (including roof lights, lamps and luminaires)
  23. Loft or rafter insulation (including loft hatch insulation)
  24. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery systems
  25. Micro combined heat and power
  26. Micro wind generation
  27. Oil-fired condensing boilers
  28. Photovoltaics
  29. Pipe work insulation
  30. Replacement glazing
  31. Radiant heating
  32. Room in roof insulation
  33. Roof insulation
  34. Sealing improvements (including duct sealing)
  35. Secondary glazing
  36. Solar blinds, shutters and shading devices
  37. Solar water heating
  38. Transpired solar collectors
  39. Under-floor heating
  40. Under-floor insulation
  41. Variable speed drives for fans and pumps
  42. Warm-air units
  43. Waste water heat recovers devices attached to showers
  44. Water source heat pumps

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Green Deal Installer Training for PAS2030 accreditation. *Prices vary based on the size of business, number of installers and the number of measure requiring approval - call now for full details. A Certification Fee will also apply. This will be charged by a UKAS approved certification body for certifying that your business meets the required standards and issuing the certificate.

Green Qual (a trading name of Property & Training Solutions Ltd) are an ABBE & EDI accredited training centre. Some Green Qual training courses, consultancy services and assessment processes are delivered by our accredited network of specialist training providers. Quality Management Systems such as PAS2030 will be delivered by our team of quality assurance associates. To ensure total convenience , the most suitable consultancy provider will be selected based on your chosen level of support, location and availability. All deposits are non-refundable. E&OE. Please see the privacy page on this website for Booking and Cancelation terms and conditions.

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