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Green Deal Training Article — January 10th 2013

It goes without saying that Green Deal Advisors and Installers are going to need Green Deal Advisor Training in order to work in the energy efficiency industry. 

But not knowing about the Deal can land landlords in trouble if they are not aware of the scheme. So they may need training too. 

The Residential Landlords Association is putting on workshops to teach delegates all about the Government’s Green Deal scheme which allows homeowners and commercial businesses to make improvements to their properties, paying back the cost of the work through their energy bills.

From 2016 landlords will not be allowed to rent out any property with a poor Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), banding of ‘F’ or ‘G’, and must do all they can to bring the property up to an EPC ‘B’ and ‘E’

Some landlords hope to meet these targets using the Green Deal scheme, which allows consumers to gain access to Green Deal Finance, which is only available through trained Green Deal Advisors and Installers.

Green Deal Finance works by allowing homeowners and tenants to upgrade their property on a pay-as-you-save basis.

This is based on the “Golden Rule” – that the cost savings from efficiency improvements is the same as the monthly repayments for installation.

A Green Deal Advisor will complete a required assessment and give access to the Green Deal Finance mechanism. 

A Green Deal Installer must be used to carry out the improvements and both Assessor and Installer must have completed the necessary training.

Advisors must have specifically completed Green Deal Advisor Training in order to offer the high standards that the Green Deal Quality Mark carries.

The Green Deal diploma completed through a Green Deal training programme has been developed by the body Asset Skills, along with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Green Deal Central is a member of the Asset Skills UK Academy Provider Network.

The Green Deal Advisor training must satisfy the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and will be used in conjunction with the Qualifications and Credit Framework units.

Green Qual can help facilitate this Green Deal Advisor training so Green Deal Finance can be offered to consumers.

The course will cover areas such as requirements in advance of a visit, customer protection, Green Deal Finance and how to prepare for an assessment.

It also includes topics such as how to address consumer needs, how to give behavioural advice and how to keep records of your inspection findings.

Alongside Green Deal Advisor training, the Residential Landlords Association workshops will show landlords how increasing energy efficiency can be a good investment.

The workshop outlines the responsibilities for both landlord and tenant, for example that consent to take out Green Deal Finance is required from both parties.

It will explain regulations set up to maintain standards in Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

The course is available for all landlords including those with HMO, agents and staff and is being offered in London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.

Landlords benefit financially from the Green Deal as the improvements to their property are paid for by tenants through their energy bills – so there are no initial costs for the property owner. 

Already in the US it has been found that energy efficient real estate is more valuable and demands higher rates, as shown in a Green Home Labels Study of 1.6 millions homes in California, which was reported in the Washington Post.

Under the Green Deal tenants will benefit from more comfortable and energy efficient homes and landlords will receive upgrades to their housing portfolio.

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