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MP Suggests giving Green Deal Advisors £85million 'cash front'

January 17th 2013

Green Deal Advisors should be able to claim their assessment charge from Green Deal funding, suggests MP Alan Whitehead in his energy blog last week.  The £125 million cash back scheme to encourage energy efficiency improvements up-take by households and businesses has been offered by the department of energy and climate change as part of the green deal. 

Mr Whitehead suggests using some of the money to pay for upfront charges customers may face.

The cash back funding is part  of the DECC Green Deal Initiative designed to help householders and businesses become more energy efficient.

It has been offered as an incentive alongside the pay as you save Green Deal finance scheme.

For the first £40million of this cash back pot of money the government is guaranteeing £50 cash back fro draught proofing, £270 for upgrading to a condensing boiler and £650 for solid wall insulation.

There are 15 further measures covered by the cash back scheme with no cap on what a household might be eligible for, confirms the DECC.

Mr Whitehead said: "Go ahead with the first £40 million of scorching deals and get things up and running.

"But add another small voucher scheme to the one you already get for house holders - get the assessors to claim back the money for assessments from the rest of the pot: sort of cash front scheme."

£85 million of the £125 earmarked is still floating around, courtesy of the Chancellor. Now how many assessments at British Gas prices would that cover? Not difficult maths - 850,000 or enough for about seven years worth assessments. calculated the MP.

The Green Deal aims to help consumers save money on fuel bills and reduce UK carbon emissions.

To qualify for Green Deal funding a Green Deal Advisor will make an assessment on the property and then a Green Deal provider will send a certified installer to implement the energy saving measures.

Energy efficiency measures include anything from double glazing and replacement boilers to insulation. These can be paid for through the Green Bill pay as you save scheme, in which customers pay back the cost of the improvements through their energy bill.

Green Deal assessments are provided free of charge from some companies, but it appears that some energy firms are planning to charge between £100 and £150. These charges are refundable when work is carried out.

Mr Whitehead argues that allowing Green Deal Advisors to claim these charges from the cash back pot would mean customers can shop around for Green Deal Assessments for Green Deal Assessment quotes.

This will help the Green Deal drive a competitive and growing energy efficiency market. The need to offer customers the very best value is key to the success of the Green Deal.

Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change said: I am determined to make sure that in addition to creating huge opportunities for Green Deal Providers and businesses along with thousands of new jobs this new market in energy efficiency will deliver the very best deal for consumers.

Why not get involved today and start your Green Deal Advisor Training?  Get involved with this fast growing industry and help battle climate change.


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