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Incentives to boost the Green Deal according to industry experts

July 16th 2013

Incentives like discounted council tax and stamp duty could "Breathe new life into the construction sector and boost economic growth", report by UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) has highlighted.

The report highlighted that up to 1.5 million homes could have retrofits per year by the introduction tax incentives for homeowners improving their energy efficiency.

Following the report Paul King, Chief Executive of the UK-GBC said: "This sends a powerful message to Government that there are viable policy options available to boost demand for the Green Deal and help tackle the UKs energy efficiency crisis.

ICO makes an example out of Green Deal Firm making nuisance calls

July 11th 2013

The Government energy efficiency scheme has been hit with a group of companies trying to cash in using the Green Deal name to sell home insulation and energy saving services since its launch earlier this year.

The Information Commissioners Office (IC) is fighting back, making a show of a Manchester company for making nuisance sales calls.

The energy company has been fined £45,000, reduced from the initial fine due to the companies financial situation, for making persistent, nuisance calls to sell a service under the umbrella of the Green Deal Scheme

Government "under promising and Over delivering" on the Green Deal claims Minister.

May 13th 2013

The Government is "over delivering" on Green Deal according to Energy Minister Greg Barker

The Green Deal assists home owners to install energy saving improvements on their homes (and businesses) through a pay as you save mechanism via energy bills.  Why not get involved as a Green Deal Advisor or certified Green Deal Installer?  Click here to find out more.

£21million allocated to low-carbon product innovation to improve the Green Deal and Energy markets

May 12th 2013

This week the department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced £21million of funding to assist entrepreneurs in bringing new and innovative low-carbon products to the marketplace.

This allocation of money has been set aside with three schemes.  The Energy Entrepreneurs Fund, Advanced Heat Storage scheme and Energy Storage competitions, all of which are broken down. Click here to learn more about these innovative schemes and how the Green Deal will benefit. 

Assessing the non-domestic Green Deal

April 16th 2013

The success of the Green Deal for business is at risk due to a lack of qualified assessors for the scheme, says industry experts.

The Green Deal is a promising scheme but whilst there are an increasing number of assessors and installers on the domestic markets the lack of qualified assessors readily available to visit businesses means there is no, more than ever, a real need for commercial energy assessors and green deal advisors alike. Get involved with this growing industry today!

Commercial Green Deal -  Green Deal Assessors needed!

April 14th 2013

The government is at risk of generating a Green Deal bottleneck due to a lack of qualified commercial green deal assessors.

The Government has committed millions of pounds to its flagship energy saving scheme and there are now around 50 green deal providers like Green Deal Central ready to provide funding to businesses so that they can install these energy saving measures.

But whilst there are currently over 100 firms capable of carrying out the initial green deal assessment for the domestic market, the greater technical requirements for surveying business energy use age mean that there are only 5 assessors in the UK capable of carrying out this report.  Learn more and get involved today with commercial green deal advisor training.

Green Deal off to a great start as the need for Green Deal Advisors Grows

March 14th 2013

DECC have today released figures highlighting the strong start that the Green Deal has made.  With over 1,800 reports lodged from January to February and only 619 accredited advisors now is the time to start your green deal training - find out more.

Don’t miss out on Green Deal training say construction experts

February  22nd 2013

Construction firms that fail to get Green Deal training will miss out – that was the advice from CITB Construction Skills. Dont miss out on green deal advisor training. Listen to the experts.

Invest in Green Deal Advisor Training

February  19th 2013

Critics say that the cost of registering and accreditation of the Green Deal are a problem for small to medium size businesses.  However, strong industry coives say that investing in Green Deal Training is worthwhile and are actively looking for qualified Green Deal Advisors and PAS2030 certified installers.

see why you should invest in Green Deal Advisor training

Green Deal Training will present "huge opportunities" as the retrofit gains momentum

February 2nd 2013

There are huge opportunities for retrofitting under the Green Deal an independent analysis firm has said.

There are large scale plans for the Green Deal and analysis by the Institute for Sustainability said it could dramatically improve energy efficiency in UK homes. Start your Green Deal Advisor Training.


Green Deal Advisor Training - New article released

Cheshire Councils names as Pioneer Places — January 23rd 2013

The winners for the Green Deal Pioneer Places include Warrington Borough Council, Cheshire West and Cheshire Borough Council and Cheshire East Council.

40 Lead Local Authorities across the UK led successful bids for a share of £10 million towards energy efficiency projects ahead of the launch of the Green Deal this month. Learn more.


Solid Wall Insulation will not need planning permission

NEW ARTICLE - Green Deal Advisor Training — January 19th 2013

This week is has been confirmed that Solid Wall Insulation will not need planning permission.  The Government has relaxed planning laws, just in time for the launch of the Green Deal energy efficient scheme. Find out why you should get involved.

MP Suggests giving Green Deal Advisors £85million 'cash front'

Green Deal Training Article — January 17th 2013

Green Deal Advisors should be able to claim their assessment charge from Green Deal funding, suggests MP Alan Whitehead in his energy blog last week.  The £125 million cash back scheme to encourage energy efficiency improvements up-take by households and businesses has been offered by the department of energy and climate change as part of the green deal.  Read more.

Educating homeowners important in success of Green Deal and sustainable housing in UK

Green Deal Advisor Training Article — January 15th 2013

A new study has reported that homes with state of the art energy technology are only really efficient in windows and doors are not left open.

This means it is a real possibility for houses to not need much heating if occupants to not cause energy wastage, the report by The Low Impact Centre at Coventry University said.  Read more.

Green Deal Advisor Training Workshop for Landlords

Green Deal Training Article — January 10th 2013

It goes without saying that Green Deal Advisors and Installers are going to need Green Deal Advisor Training in order to work in the energy efficiency industry.

But not knowing about the Deal can land landlords in trouble if they are not aware of the scheme. So they may need training too. Continue reading.

Green Deal reports find 1.3 billion pounds worth of requirements for energy efficiency measures.

Green Deal Central News for Green deal Training— January 7th 2013

There is 1.3 billion pound worth of requirements for the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation in one county alone within the UK a report has found.

Not only that, the Green Deal will drive just over 140 million of investment in Worcestershire alone, over the coming years. All this points to even more need for Green Deal Advisors, Read more.

Department of Energy and Climate Change launches a new "Open Homes" Network as part of the Green Deal.

Green Deal Advisor Training news — January 4th 2013

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have launched an "Open Homes network" as part of the new Green Deal.

The Energy Efficiency home upgrade scheme will begin on January 28th and is expected to create around 250,000 jobs the DECC have said. Learn more.

A new year - a greener you?

Latest Green Deal Advisor Training news with Green Deal Central — January 3rd 2013

This time of year is usually when most people decide to change their lives in some way shape or form. Ordinarily, new years resolutions include healthy lifestyle, eating or giving to charity. But why not "go green"?

Read more about this Green Deal story.

Green Deal Given Multi Million Pound Boost for Advertising

Green Deal Training PR Week News— January 2nd 2013

The Government has announced the launch of a huge PR drive as it sets to launch the Green Deal and become the greenest government ever.

Along with Green Deal Advisor training, PR is important to the success of the Green Deal. With this in mind, the DECC are issuing a £410,000 brief to support the launch of the Green Deal programme which will encourage all homeowners to improve their energy efficiency. Learn more and get involved.

DECC Secured 3million in Green Deal Marketing war chest on Green Deal Advisor Training— January 1st 2013

The Green Deal will skip the governments marketing freeze with a 3 million pound fund available to market the scheme.

The DECC has been given an exemption to the governments freeze as the first deals are set to become available later this month.  Read more.

Green Bank unveils Green Deal boost Green Deal Boost — Decmber 20th 2012

Leaders of the Green Investment Bank are hopeful of announcing transactions in the coming weeks that will help to boost the offshore wind farm market.

They are also in discussions with city regions as "early adopters" of the Green Deal, and are hoping to find partners to free up a 600 million pound pipeline of waste management projects such as biomass plants. This boost is another reason why so many people are getting involved. learn more and start your green deal advisor training today.

Green Deal News

DECC on Green Deal Advisor Training— Decmber 19th 2012

Worry sweeps across Britain as five of the "Big 6" energy companies declare their gas and electricity prices will have significantly risen by the end of 2012. With Christmas approaching and temperatures dropping in the UK, this news is hitting familiesand property-owners hard. The UK government, however, is set to the launch th green deal, in January of 2013, which should go some way in alleviating these energy worries.

Green Deal Training offers huge benefits

Green Deal News and Green Deal Training— December 19th 2012

From January 2013 14 billion worth of Government money will be invested in home energy improvements over the next decade. These improvements will include energy efficient central heating systems, boilers, cavity wall insulation, lost installation, window double glazing, in fact to date there are 49 energy saving initiatives to make Britain’s homes more energy efficient. The Green Deal will help insulate households from rising energy prices, create a more comfortable environment and create thousands of jobs in the British construction sector.


Green Deal Gathers momentum

DECC on Green Deal Advisor Training— November 30th 2012

The Green Deal carry on building momentum and making progress ready for the first deals being made available in January, with funding for a new communications campaign affirmed and an important regulatory milestone achieved to ensure the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) come into force. GET INVOLVED with Green Deal Advisor Training!

Non-Domestic Green Deal Advisor Training

Green Deal Advisor Training & Green Deal Central— November 28th 2012

The Green Deal is not only for those living in domestic households, the Government is also setting its sights on non-domestic property owners, landlords and tenants in the efforts to create a greener Britain. Learn more about non-domestic Green Deal Advisor training.

Green Deal Advisor Training - Get involved with the biggest home improvement shceme since the second world war.

Green Deal Advisor Training — November 13th 2012

Green Deal Advisors are picking up momentum and have been said to be part of the biggest home improvement plan since WWII. The government flagship Green Deal aims to make homes more energy efficient without putting any financial strain on homeowners. The Green Deal, will be carefully thought out and offers solutions to the possible problem of homs being wasteful, but home owners not being able to afford the necessary improvements to make them more environmentally friendly. Read more on this news and how to become a Green Deal Advisor with our Green Deal Advisor Training programmes

Green Deal Advisors could ensure homeowners receive up to £1,000 for insualtion

Green Deal Advisor Training — October 25th 2012

Money back scheme announced to ensure the green deal gets off to a good start and energy efficiency measures are improved with the help of Green Deal Advisors.

Homeowners who insulate their homes from the beginning of next year could be able to claim thousands of money back in cash from the coalition govenrnment. Start your Green Deal Advisor Training.

Humber has the potential to vreate the UK's largest renewable energy cluster

Hvnplus — October 24th 2012

The change of Humber into a global hub for Green Deal energy industries will form the central point of the areas planned City Deal devolutions package.

Council and business leaders last night hailed this opportunity for the area to win new powers and monies as they continue with the efforts to establish "the UK's largest renewable energy cluster". Read more about the Green Deal.

The Green Deal

Director Magazine - October 18th 2012

What is the Green deal? The government's flagship energy policy, which gives all home owners and businessess the ability, with green deal advisors help, to make improvements to their eneryy efficiency and install renewable energy products to their properties without the upfront costs. Instead these improvements will be paid for via the money saved on your energy bill. The goal is to ensure that all homes and businesses are much more energy efficient. Learn more about becoming a Green Deal Advisor.

With Green Deal Advisor training you could help customers take advantage of this exciting new policy.

Saving money with Green Deal Advisors

Guardian - Green Deal Advisor — October 14th 2012

It has finally arrived... the green deal is here! Here is the overview: rather than forking out for those expensive energy efficiency improvements up front, from early next year you can arrange for a visit form a Green Deal Advisor to get your plan underway.

The cost of these costly improvements (including cavity-wall and loft insulation to boilers and solar panels will be paid for through your savings!). If you decide to move home, this green deal loan remains with the house. read more.

Why not get involved?  Start your Green Deal Advisor Training today and help people save £££'s.

Insulate your home from rising fuel prices today!

Green Deal Advisor Training— October 1st 2012

The eagerly awaited Green Deal is launched today, bringing with it relief for many homeowners from rising fuel prices. "Every house in Britain will be able to be upgraded for energy efficiency at no upfront cost". If you are struggling to afford costly improvements and are tired of the relentless rise in bills then Green Deal Advisors can help.

With a Green Deal fund in place for installers to borrow from, energy efficiency measures can be improved. Green Deal Advisors will then gather the cost for the measures via the savings that the homeowner makes.


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